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The BY-LAWS and procedures have been updated to comply with new regulations and to better align with USSA.

Eastern Freestyle Competition Committee has a two-tier goverance model with a Board of Directors (BOD) at the top level.

The BOD appoints an Executive Director who manages the EFCC operations.

Attached are the BY-LAWS that define this organization.

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EFCC BOD Notices

Notices from EFCC Board of Directors

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Proposed Updates

The following are proposed updates to EFCC Governance documents.

These updates required ratification by the Board of Directors before becoming officials revisions.

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EFCC Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes are posted here.

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EFCC Member List and Contact Information

Registration Issues

The BEST way to contact one of the committee members is to email us. 

Executive Director/Chairperson

Deb Newson


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