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  1. Join USSA - Join the USSA at the national and divisional level to gain access to competitions in your sport both in your home area and nationally.
  2. Join a Club - Join a USSA Competition Club to get the best professional coaching and logistical support.
  3. Compete - Pick the proper competition programs for your age and ability. You will find registration information on the divisional web sites. USSA’s divisional programs  (The EQS “B” level) offer introductory ‘non-scored’ competitions for youth beginning competitors. But for advancement in your sport, make sure to take part in USSA scored competitions, with your USSA Competitor membership, to improve your ranking.
  4. Eastern Ranking – Compete in EQS "B" non-scored competitions to gain Eastern ranking on Eastern Points List. (EPL)
  5. USSA Ranking - Compete in ECS "A" USSA scored competitions to gain a USSA ranking, which will be used within your divisional program for advancement up the USSA Athlete Development Pipeline.
  6. FIS Registration - As you advance up the pipeline with your USSA ranking, you may be eligible for ranking on the International Ski Federation (FIS) ranking list. Check with your club coach or divisional contact for more information. FIS registration is simple and can be managed directly with USSA. You can monitor your FIS ranking or print a FIS registration form on the USSA website.
  7. Team Selection - As you continue to advance, your USSA ranking may qualify you for a divisional team - perhaps to the Junior Olympics or the U.S. National Championships, and eventually the U.S. Ski Team or Olympic Team!
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